You Mean I Can’t Believe Commercials?

This Could Save You Some Trouble In The End

FruitBowl-GrSt200op7You’ve heard that juice is good for you and you know you’re supposed to eat fruits and vegetables right?  That part is right.  But this part is wrong and it’s not even the real problem.  (See Video Below) No one ever said it’s healthy to eat 4, 6, 8 oranges in one meal.

Since you’re not even eating it, that is another blow to your system.  You miss out on the best part, the fiber.  That means your liver has to deal with an instantaneous massive flood of sugar. It must feel like it just got hit by a tsunami.

But that’s not even the real reason people keep getting fatter instead of slimmer and feel worse instead of healthier.

Watch this entertaining video.  It says it best.


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