Free White Light Method For Manifesting

Heard Of The NDE White Light?  It’s Emitted From You Too!

This is all about you and not what the White Light Method For Manifesting has done for me.  But personally, I had to change whatNDE White Light Method I believed about life and open my mind after a near death experience from a car wreck many years ago.  I saw what science is proving these days.  We are not hard physical bodies that are made up of hard physical components.  We’re not a mass of physical molecules.

Science now shows that our bodies are made of frequencies of energy, photons of light. Scientific research tells us that…

  • we emit light
  • we create an electromagnetic field of energy around us that varies due to our emotions
  • we are constantly interacting with a web of energy that carries information to and from us


I found out firsthand that there is an energetic component associated with the physical body. That’s because as I left that crumpled up car that had landed in a ditch, my body wasn’t with me.  Yet, I was still very much me.  Fortunately, you don’t have to die to tap into that power.  Many people do it without having to go through the pain of heart attacks or car wrecks.

New science and technology makes it easy to see that we are not our bodies.  We have our own individual spirit that is having a human experience while in one. And we came to this physical realm with powerful gifts and co-creative abilities that we’ve never been taught to use.  So we allow them to do more harm than good until we wake up to their power and make a decision to use that power wisely.

Study after study shows things about us that are mind-boggling.  Truly! That is what I share in my Free White Light Method Tips.  It just makes good sense to focus your energy in a way that new science shows is powerful and effective!

When I awoke to find that I was alive and in the hospital, I had no idea how to go about that but I knew I had to find the way. I NDE White Light Method Manifesting Shortcutsoon discovered it wouldn’t be as easy as I’d hoped, but I never dreamed it would take me a good 25 years.  Hopefully I can help you with a shortcut.  You don’t have to figure things out on your own or from scratch like I did.

My “White Light Method Tips” will help you with that and my “Care Package” is ready for you to download right now. The simple practice can help you manifest the best outcomes possible for things important to you.

Here’s what’s a click away and will be sent from my heart to yours with an intention that you’ll use it to make your world a better place for you and your loved ones:

  • An audio and the text version so you can read or listen to my story that explains how it started, how I used it and the Optinv2-400miraculous results that made me a “believer”
  • My cheat sheet so you have simple steps to follow to make it easy for you
  • My free White Light Meditation audio to help you practice it
  • 7 True Stories eBook covering vital points with examples you can model
  • A link at the bottom of every email so you can easily unsubscribe if you’d like to

My WLM (White Light Method) Tips will help you learn how to use the real power of the Light within you to improve your health and your levels of happiness, peace of mind, security, freedom and all things important to you.

Could you use a boost with any of those things?



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