When Fear Makes You Play Small

These Inspiring Words Might Change Your Life Too

It’s amazing how things work at times.  I spent the evening thinking about retreating from something I was about to do. Even though I wanted to conquer fear of criticism, I just didn’t know if I was up to facing the inevitable criticism that would come as usual.  (Also see the fascinating study on the power of expectation.  I’m catching myself in this trap as I speak write.)

Then I found this talk and heard Brene Brown say, referring to the cruel comments that were made about her where she said, “…the things that, really, up until that moment, had inspired me to stay small in my life and my career,  just so I could avoid those things.”

It’s so true.  We stay small so we don’t have to get hurt.  In reality, so often, the joy we feel from acting on things that our heart prods us to do, overshadows the other stuff anyway.

I’m inspired by her video below and will take on her attitude.  If you’re going through something similar, maybe you’ll want to paraphrase and write out something like this too.

ImportantPx200x150“I don’t want to and won’t pay any attention to anyone who’s not in the arena with me.  I realize how easy it is to sit in the cheap seats and judge.  But people who haven’t earned the right to criticize me won’t get my attention or sway me from this point on.”

I feel very motivated right now as I write that on a post it note and put it where it will stare me in the face to remind me! Step 2 is remembering to look at it, read it and remember it when I need it.  Those are times when I encounter one of those very few people who can still create those conversations in my head. It is where I feel apologetic about things I shouldn’t be feeling that way about.

I remind myself when I catch myself giving thought energy to someone or something that hasn’t earned the right to get my attention over more important or productive things.

So there you go!


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