We Know Stress Kills So Kill Stress Instead

Offset Stress With The Relaxation Response

Do you know how to use the “relaxation response” effectively to kill the very thing that is slowly killing you? Dr Benson coined that phrase years ago to describe the opposite effect of the fight or flight response.  Staying in fight or flight for extended periods like we all do these days, is a killer.  We’re not built to live that way.

The worst part of it is that we don’t need to be in any danger at all in order to dump stress chemicals into our system.  All it takes is a thought and a physiological response occurs!

Dr Benson explains how we have separated the mind and the body, but it should never have been done.  The reason it was separated is based largely on political motives at the time of Rene Descartes.  Science claimed jurisdiction over the body, the physical, what could be seen. The church claimed jurisdiction over the spirit, the soul or what could not be seen.

There was no attention given to the way the mind and body are intertwined and how they work together and affect each other.  It was simply divided and made separate as if it is, when it is not.  We have to realize that and start taking control of what goes on in our thoughts.

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