Seems To Help Some With Alzheimer’s

Could This Make A Difference In Your Family?

man-wn-DP-250There is that moment when it hits you in the head and almost knocks you over.  You realize a loved one is no longer connected to and relating to the world in a way that is safe for them. You fear what is ahead.

It is tough on families but there is hope for some people anyway. I have been following the research of many doctors and reading their studies for several years because I knew a day could come when my mom, very sharp up to the age of 92, could face some of these issues.

In a nutshell and very simply stated in non-medical terms, dementia is sometimes referred to as “diabetes of the brain” because there seems to be an issue with insulin, the necessary component for converting glucose into fuel for the brain.

But there is evidence that with at least some people, coconut oil has made a tremendous difference. It may be that coconut oil provides keytones, an alternative fuel that supplies an element necessary for proper brain function and memory.

I learned of Dr Mary Newport in 2013 and started experimenting with coconut oil myself during a very stressful time. I was having some health issues and difficulty staying focused and remembering things.  I had seen a video where she explained about her husband’s mental decline, why she decided to try feeding him coconut oil and the results she was seeing.

I tried it by mixing about 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil in hot oatmeal in the morning. The difference in my thinking was like night and day.  At that point, I started suggesting to my mom and others that they talk with their doctors about switching to coconut oil.

You can see Dr Newport’s book, “Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was a Cure?” here.

I think it is vitally important to be under the guidance of a medical doctor you trust.  Hopefully that means they study independently and
that they don’t get their training from pharmaceutical reps.  A little research on that shows it is a frightening trend these days.

But there are many medical doctors who keep up with the latest research on things like nutrition, brainYTDrNewport-disclaimerop plasticity, and the mind/body connection. They consider that there are options other than just drugs and surgery.

I created a playlist of parts 1-6 and I think it is full of information worth considering.  Below, I also have put a few of my notes with times of just a few of many points.  You can click on the bars at the top left on the video to see all the videos and play them.

My notes on just a few of many things that made an impression with me and the time where they can be found.

Part 2

7:25 – 9:00 minutes:    1st time she gave him couldn’t remember town or anything

Part 3

1:55:   Dr Newport was concerned that the coconut oil would cause a problem with his coleterol and when it was monitored, it had improved

2:25:    His triglycerides run about 70 and most people would be overjoyed with that. She also stresses that he is just one man, insinuating not to assume that everyone’s would be the same but it is also mentioned that it fits with other studies.

2:50:   Comments about saturated fats and that about 70% are the medium chain triglycerides and much of that is converted to keytone bodies that are used for energy rather than being stored as fat (explained earlier that keytones seem to be what is helping). Also comments about one of the fats that has antimicrobial properties and kills certain viruses

5:15:  Interesting study done that indicates the power of food to keep us healthy and to make us sick with the typical Western diet.


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