NDE White Light Experience Revealed Secret For Health & Happiness (Video)

You don’t have to believe in my NDE White Light experience because results are all that matter. What was revealed that I brought back, applied, now teach, gets results. It can reduce your stress, help keep you well and hasten healing when needed. It might even let you keep some of your money that could have become a bigger bonus for a CEO in the sickness business.

It is a process that works. New scientific discoveries validate that your power is real and affecting things all of the time. My process and examples show you how to use it to make your life easier, happier, healthier. (See Video Below for a great example.)

When I woke up in the hospital after my car wreck and NDE experience, I immediately thought about what I had been shown.

We  are not helpless victims. We play a huge role as co-creators. We contribute to mass consciousness and the direction we take the world. We contribute to our own circumstances and the direction our life goes.  Emotions, how we feel about things, have either shutting down, closing off, destructive properties or opening up, healing, building properties.

With a little knowledge and practice, you can create the secret sauce that manifests health and ultimately happiness.

Dr. Candace Pert was the first one to show the connection between emotions and molecules, thought and matter, the mind and body.

Your experiences become memories. Without even realizing it, an activated memory can set off a chain reaction that starts as a simple thought and ends as a health issue.  Worry, regret, or any type of fear dumps stress chemicals into your bloodstream and at some point, enough is enough.  Something gives.

If you catch things at that point, miraculously fast healing can occur. It can occur at any point, but when you catch it early, you can stop it before the momentum gets going.  You hardly miss a beat that way.

It is heartbreaking to see so many people suffering with health conditions that could probably be helped tremendously with the process I explain in this video. This example is one of healing sickness in hours instead of the days to weeks it takes the majority of people.  It shouldn’t be that way but we are taught to believe certain things about sickness and disease, so most people do.

Your emotions have a great deal to do with everything.  You can take charge of them. You don’t have to waste your time and energy with willpower. That doesn’t work long-term and sometimes not at all.  Use this process and any of a great number of techniques instead.

Watch the video for a real-life example of fast results, then do the same thing if you want warp-speed healing or to move forward past any draining, frustrating energy….

You can learn more about those stress lowering techniques at MasteryTips.com/energyworkdemo.

But my word of caution is to make sure you use the whole process.  What you see in your Mind’s Eye, perceive about things going on and then how you talk about them, to yourself and others, matters. What those things cause you to feel is always affecting some aspect of what you think of as YOU.

In my belief system, the real YOU is the Light that makes up every cell of your body.  The more you relate to the Light within you and the Life Force that beats your heart, instead of just your body you see in the mirror, the more your inner power becomes accessible to you. You can tap into it for healing, guidance and even opportunities because it will put you at the right place at the right time, feeling just right about it too.

You can eliminate fear of rejection, abandonment issues, overwhelm, stage fright, phobias or any to the stressful feelings that hold you back and make you sick.

I love to reach new heights and coach others in the life changing process. I’d love to help you too if you want to take a shortcut.

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