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Give Your Body A Voice


Muscle testing is pretty fascinating.  Your body will actually tell you “yes” or “no” to questions you ask it.  Once you get the hang of it, you give your body a voice.  The wisdom that is inside of you gets to help out in the so-called “real world” that you deal with every day.

There are many different modalities for muscle testing and it is something you must really “get the feel for.”  There are a few people who take to it quite easily but there are many who don’t.  That only means that you have to practice with it or maybe try different methods.  It’s just like everything in life that you want to get good at.

While you are learning how to muscle test, you have to use common sense.  Don’t ask life or death questions or anything that will be detrimental if you follow the wrong answer.

Your body has an electrical system and your body has intelligence.  It knows what causes an interference in the flow of electrons and what strengthens the flow.  That is just a simple way of explaining the very quick, temporary breakdown in the flow that causes a weakness in the muscles.  That is why a person will go weak or remain strong when a statement is made about something it can understand.

You should always start off by establishing what your “Yes” and “No” feels like.  Make a statement that is false and test it and one that is true and test it.  If the yes and no doesn’t match what you know to be true, your system could be reversed.  That means your energy isn’t flowing in a coherent state. You could be dehydrated also, and that seems to make a difference.  If your body is in a state of stress, that can make a difference.

You really need to be working from a place of peace and calm where your bodily systems are working together in a harmonious way.  That way your resources aren’t busy “putting out fires” and your electrical system is flowing in an optimal way.

I spent years learning different modalities for testing information and I use it in working with clients.  To use it like that you have to learn what to ask, how to ask and how to read the answers so that you get accurate information.

I use it as a tool along with many other things, and I always use common sense.  These days I am pretty accurate but I had to practice to get that accurate.

You have to decide if it is important enough to you to spend time with it.  With my skill level now, I practice-Px250consider it to be invaluable.  So I highly recommend that you develop your skill with it also.

Below are videos that show simple methods you can do by yourself so you don’t have to wait for someone else.

You learn to “feel” what a “Yes” feels like and what a “No” feels like. You get where you know if something is either strengthening or weakening your system or recognized as beneficial to you by your body’s intelligence.

For example, I will often muscle test to see how many supplements I might need to take if I am starting to feel bad.  Many times I take them just as  a psychological boost when others are getting sick around me.  I feed information to my brain by imagining a picture of health.  I say that the supplements will help my immune system stay strong.

Then I test to see how many my body would like so it has the support it needs.  Sometimes I get a “No” and then I don’t take them at all.

I would start by saying, “My name is Teri.”  (Yes)
Then, “My name is Chris.”  (No)

Then make a statement like, “This _________ is beneficial.”  (Yes)
Then, “This __________ is toxic to me.”  (To make sure I get a “No” or the opposite answer since I made the opposite statement.)

If the answers don’t fit, I do a few things that seem to help shift my energy.  I take a drink of water, tap the area under my nose with my fingertips a few times.  I may put my hands together in prayer position while I think about something peaceful or loving.  I take some deep breaths.  Then I test again.

Watch the videos to see different methods that can work well for you…

It is always good to try different methods of muscle testing to see what comes most naturally to you.
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