Knowledge Of Coconut Oil Gives Your Body Power

Ready For The Some Facts About Coconut Oil?

palm-tree-coconutPx179Ignorance is not bliss as far as coconut oil is concerned.  Its reputation needs to change because even though it is a saturated fat, it is one of nature’s greatest gifts to us.  It has properties that actually help people lose weight instead of gaining it like they do with other types of fats.

We were mistakenly convinced years ago that eating fat is the thing that makes people fat.  And cutting down on healthy fats deprived the brain of something that is vital to its well-being.  That was so wrong.  It’s time to give up the guilt and start eating healthy fats.  Coconut oil is a great place to start.

And unlike some of the other healthy oils, it is great for cooking because it can take the heat. The oil is stableCoconut-DP-100 and doesn’t change composition.  That means you can use it for frying and it doesn’t become carcinogenic.  It doesn’t create free radicals in your body like other healthy oils that can’t take high temperatures!

And your brain loves it. But it does more than help support healthy brain function because it is also antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.

Watch this video where Dani Spies talks about some things you won’t want to miss…