“Is Coconut Oil Killing You?”- Don’t Miss This

Very informative, vitally important, life saving information.  If you can’t understand why there is so much confusing information out there, be sure to watch this.  I love Dr. Humphries’ caring, straight shooting, stand for what’s right attitude.

The problem we face these days is that studies are being analyzed and used unethically to show the safety of substances that help the bottom line of those making money, not the consumer. Conflicts of interest are everywhere as shown recently in the resignation of another Director of the CDC, Center for Disease Control.

In what universe should a government agency be allowed to own patents and make money from the very things they conduct safety studies for? Crazy!  Giving positions to people making money on the very things they are monitoring for safety is outrageous.

Speaking of a study that was not done correctly and should not have been included, Dr. Humphries stated, “…of course they cherry-picked. They included it because it was going to help give their proper answer.”

Some of my non-inclusive notes and approximate timestamps for reference:

7:15  What has the AHA (American Heart Association) certified as healthy?  (unbelievable if you’re even the least bit informed or follow integrative or functional medicine MDs who are healing people)

11:00 report that follows the money and shows conflicts of interest with the AMA members writing the report that recommends and certifies certain foods

19:20   Dr. Humphries stated, “…of course they cherry-picked….”

22:30  anyone on a statin must take CoEnymeQ10

23:50   summary of the research

24:30  book recommended Cholesterol Wars by Daniel Steinberg, M.D., Ph.D

25:45   good and bad cholesterol (no such thing – look at a baby)

(to be continued)




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