I Love Dr Seneff – Must See

Common sense says something isn’t right. People like Dr. Stephanie Seneff are bravely trying to wake us up in time. Do you have loved ones that will still be alive around 2025? We’ve been handed a huge problem and false information, all for the almighty dollar and time is running out fast.

She is really bringing good news about the bad news because we can still do something about this. When we understand, we don’t need to wonder and continue listening to the fairy tales we are being told. There is a reason why we, our friends, loved ones and pets are getting sick and dying at an alarming rate. That rate shows that we are on a course of self-destruct if we don’t listen now.

EXCELLENT information. Please watch even a few minutes of this video…

Many scientists are warning us about what is right around the corner if we do not act right now. The chemical companies have been hiding or falsifying research that shows how harmful Glyphosate is to our bodies. Do you really think it is a coincidence that disease, death and the astronomical increase in childhood disease exploded when Glyphosate and GMOs came on the scene and quickly took over?

As with so many things, we’ve been told there is no connection to what is being put in our bodies and the ridiculously high rise in sickness, disease and things like autism. I wonder if that has anything to do with the amount of money being made by a small number of people at the top.

Think about how the country can sustain itself in as little as 6 or 7 years, if highly educated and deeply involved Dr. Senneffs’ predictions are true. She believes that 1 of 2 children will be autistic by 2025 at the present rate.

Who is going to care for them? It will break our system if we do not stop this NOW!

A comment from someone named Jeff on YouTube says exactly what I was going to share from my research.

He said, ” It’s factual that Glyphosate acts by disrupting & neutralizing the shikimate pathway of plants, fungi, bacteria, parasites. It’s also factual that these same good bacteria make up the human microbiome, essential for human survival. It doesn’t take a specialized degree to understand that our gut bacteria are essential for our survival, the destruction of which by Glyphosate or any other substance will lead to a negative outcome, to say the least.”

I have been hearing this over and over from experts who care. I don’t hear it from those who will see their bottom line dip if people become more aware and do something to stop this nonsense.

GMO engineered crops don’t die when sprayed with Glyphosate. They drink it up, then we eat it up. Then it disrupts a very important function in the body.

The question is whether or not you and your loved ones are being exposed. I don’t really wonder after watching this video.

The beginning of the video and all of it is excellent but if nothing else, start about 11:11 and think about the point Dr. Seneff makes there.

Thank God for the mother who took this further.

  • She had a child with behavioral difficulties
  • She made a diet change to organic
  • She saw vast improvement
  • So she got a friend, already avoiding GMOs, to have her breast milk and urine tested to assure it is as we’ve been told, not detected or affecting the human body
  • Astronomical levels were found above and beyond what is acceptable in European drinking water, a measuring stick we have to use since nothing is being done about it in the USA! This is in BREAST MILK being fed to a tiny little baby!!!

What do you think your levels are? Considering we are eating Glyphosate drenched food every day, I can only imagine. A bit of good news is that it is water soluble. That means unfortunately, that it easily washes into our storm drains and is in our drinking water but it also means that it flushes out of your body easily enough if you start eating clean food and drinking clean water.

Even though this chemical is the most widely used, the agencies created and tasked with protecting us have always refused to test for Glyphosate. They say it is too expensive and unnecessary. What is wrong with this picture! They are choosing to let people suffer and die rather than do the right thing.

Look at the research of journalist Carey Gillam. They have attempted to smear her name because she has been trying to expose the truth and share the documents that back up everything she talks about. You can see them in her book “White Wash.”

We simply can’t keep the blinders on or we will regret it.

What can you do?

  • Make noise about the use of GMOs. A big lawsuit was just won against Monsanto so there is more awareness right now. Research to see if there is a movement you can join in your local area.
  • Start something or if not, make phone calls.
  • Send your friends and family to information like the video on this page and let them decide for themselves. Most people won’t pay attention unless they get the shock of hearing an expert and enough of them to override the lies and deception.
  • Do your best to start clearing the GMOs out of your diet, even a little at a time. The cost of organic is going down in some instances because more people are buying it.
  • Grow some of your own food and don’t use chemicals. There are natural ways to grow good healthy food.
  • Buy a water purifier that removes the chemicals and impurities that are most important to you on the budget you have.

Just do something, anything. The time to act is NOW!


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