Grounding For Stress Relief

Everything you do to help your body experience a more coherent state, a harmonious state where all systems are working together optimally, will give you better health and more peace of mind.

Grounding makes a lot of sense. We have an electrical system that runs throughout our bodies.  Research now shows that our brains and hearts create an electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies and interacts with the field of energy we live in.

So why not connect with Mother Nature to charge and discharge your physical body? It sure feels good to me when I do it it.

We have removed ourselves from nature and all that is natural.  We walk around on synthetic carpets and flooring, sit in chairs made of synthetic materials, drink water that is fluoridated and run through systems that aren’t nature’s way of cleaning, eat foods that are highly processed and loaded with chemicals unnatural to the body and breath air in our homes that is full of chemicals from outgassing.  That doesn’t even begin to mention what is outside in the air and water.

I also use grounding meditations at times also when I want to relax and visualize my goals, related to health or life.


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