Beware Of Olive Oil Ripoff

$300-700M (THAT’S MILLION $) Business/Year That’s Not Giving Us Actual Olive Oil

When I first saw this news, I couldn’t believe it and didn’t want to.  I even tried to ignore it for awhile.

That’s because I had finally started eating more healthy oils after the latest discoveries showed that it wasn’t fat but sugar that was the real threat to staying in shape and healthy.  I was eating lots of it for the health of my brain especially.

Or so I thought!

Below is some information that will knock your socks off if you are anything like me.  Yes, it’s depressing at first to know that you’ve wasted money and effort, but knowing it gives you the power to stop letting others get rich at your expense – to your health and piggybank.

This shocking video is about Australia but obviously, the same exact thing is going on in the US.  I first learned about the problem in an expose on TV about how much fake olive oil is sold in the USA. But that show isn’t available online.

Watch it and let us know if you were aware of this problem where you live…

And here’s a little of what was in a Forbes article:

You, as most of us, probably lost your innocence long ago regarding the virginity of Italian olive oil. Between counterfeiting, organized crime’s control of production, widespread technological fraud, dodgy distribution — it’s all been made increasingly public as new scandals surface year after year.

You may also know that the only way to ensure the Italian olive oil you buy is real is to go straight to the sources in the Italian countryside where, as with France’s Burgundy chateaux, you can witness the production process yourself, or rely on trustworthy contacts.

And here’s a little more from Nutrition Search Center:

The olive oil industry is riddled with fraudulent practices. Most olive oil is a low-grade mixture of olive oil and canola oil that has been deodorized and artificially colored — even if the label states “extra virgin, cold pressed.” Even if (and most likely) the label states that it was made in Italy.

At least it’s good to know that if you want to pay the price, you can get the real deal.  It looks like this might be worth checking out.  They are the California Olive Oil Council.

Not that “Mission Statements” necessarily mean you can trust a company, but I like what they have to say. They seem like a good company and they sell online.

The COOC is a trade association with the mission of encouraging the consumption of certified California extra virgin olive oil through education, outreach and communications.

The COOC is committed to upholding the highest standards within the olive oil industry through its Seal Certification Program.

Source: Forbes Online Article

Source: Nutrition Research Center



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