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honey-dipper-Px239Don’t you love people who offer solutions when talking about a problem?  Marla Spivak offers a brilliant solution that’s so easy to do and the benefits are huge.

(My notes from her interesting talk and suggestions are below the video.)

It’s been a little scary to hear scientists talking about the disappearance of bees over the last few years.  The implications are staggering.  Yes, honey is a natural sweetener that has nutrients as opposed to the empty calories of sugar, but it goes way beyond that.

They pollinate about one third of the world’s food supply.

Also, if they find that bees are being killed by all the chemicals that they spray on our food, what do youRedFlowers300op13 think they are doing to your health too?  Research shows that high levels of pesticides are found in honey bees.  And as a side note, human breast milk is now found to be loaded with chemicals. But that’s for another day.

We’ve got to save the bees for so many reasons. Simply planting pesticide free flowers helps the bees, the butterflies, your health and your outlook on life.

Watch this information packed video and you can read a few of my notes from the video that are below.

Notes from the video:

When bees have access to good nutrition, we have access to good nutrition through their pollination. We’ve taken away their good nutrition and we can all do something that’s pretty easy to make a BIG difference.

Since WW ll we have been systematically eliminating the flowering plants that bees require for YT-Bees250opsurvival.

Penn State research showed that every batch of honey collected has at least 6 detectable pesticides in it.


Find flowers that are native to the areas, plant them and don’t contaminate them with pesticides.

YT-Bees2opPut them in a pot on your doorstep, in your front yard, boulevards, campaign to have them planted in public gardens, community spaces, meadows.  Campaign to have farm land set aside for flowers and things that replenish the earth like clover and alfalfa.

We need flowers that grow from spring to fall so bees don’t have to go so far to find the nourishment they need, especially in their weakened state from all the pesticides they are fed.  The roadsides could be seeded in flowers for our bees and also migrating butterflies and birds.


  • Bees help you by helping provide 1/3 of the food supply but they need flowers
  • Flowers are beautiful and reduce stress when you appreciate their beauty
  • Being in nature is healthy and can be stress reducing
  • Knowing you are helping the situation and others releases healthy chemicals into your system that make you feel good




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