Teri Rose is an Energy Healer, Health and Wellness Coach, and Peak Performance Life Coach

Teri teaches her clients how to increase happiness, reduce stress, worries and procrastination and improve performance and effectiveness. She teaches techniques that transform old programming and mental blocks into powerful energy that improves health and increases personal performance.

Teri Rose trained as a life coach with Comprehensive Coaching U along with training as an energy work practitioner in many modalities that deal with energy flow. Teri is a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner and has also trained in the use of NLP, Psyche K, Progressive Mental Alignment and more – all modalities for finding and removing the underlying cause of blocks to health and success with goals.

Health and Wellness Coach Teri Rose With Alex Loyd, Ben JohnsonTeri worked with The Healing Codes company, owned by Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr Ben Johnson (The medical doctor in the movie The Secret) for several years. She helped create a success program and all of the clients attended her 4 week online workshop series where she taught her process for working with goals. She still teaches that same process in her Coaching Programs.

Teri Rose incorporates the best of a variety of modalities and techniques acquired from more than 25 years of study, research, training, application and personal vision and revelation. Her online workshops, group coaching and personal coaching have helped thousands of people over the years.

Teri continues to take additional training to learn new modalities and techniques for faster success with goals and for improving health. She studies the works of the scientists and great minds she admires such as Larry Dossey, Bruce Lipton, Edgar Mitchell, John Hagelin, Dean Radin, Rolin McCraty, Gregg Braden, Gary Schwartz, Amit Goswami, Joe Dispenza and so many more.

Teri practices the simple techniques she teaches her clients. Along with many other seemingly miraculous results she has seen, she has had some rather miraculous healing of physical injuries. One example is shown in her free ebook 7 True Stories that is included in her White Light Method Care Pkg. It includes the how, what and why you are designed to self-heal and manifest greater peace and happiness and less stress. It is available to download right now.

But please note that Teri encourages everyone to work with their health care practitioner just as they normally would. Nothing she says should be taken as medical advice. Teri coaches in the area of personal development. She teaches others how to use their energy in a way that is more effective on many levels. A side benefit is improved health due to reduced stress and a change in mental focus.

Teri helps her clients clarify their direction and use tools and techniques for fast results. The method she teaches can be applied to anything that comes up in life for the rest of your life.

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