2 Good Points That Affect Health

Something To Consider Because Of Flu Research.

I have an elderly parent so I know how frustrating it can be to have to wade throughinjection-PX-150 Olway-DP-250 arguments from both sides, not knowing for sure which can help or hurt them the most.

But you have to wonder why so many holistic doctors don’t agree that flu shots are as beneficial across the board as advertised by the pharmaceutical companies.

If there were no other choices, that would be one thing but there are so many things that can be done to keep stress down, the real problem for the immune system.  We were designed to heal and stay healthy if given half a chance.  Injecting and ingesting poisons wreaks havoc in many ways. We need to do that at times but risk/reward should always be thought through instead of following anything blindly.

TemptationDP-250Unfortunately, it has become impossible to get the straight facts these days.  We know there’s corruption and that many people in power making decisions don’t exactly live by “The Golden Rule.”  Even those who may have had the greatest of intentions have given in for one reason or another.

We’ve seen blatant lies about things that research shows are harmful. It comes out later that it was known by the companies pushing them.

I have “followed the money” often enough to see that there are people dedicated to helping others heal above all else and those who are not.

Quite often I run across what seems to be real numbers compiled by people who are just sharing research rather than marketing their products.  Those numbers are usually a far cry from what we are told.

Too many foxes have been hired to watch the hen house and it’s done quite openly.  When you dig deep, it’s not unusual to find that conclusions are drawn from reports that have been paid for by companies that want to sell that very product.

I would have to say that I tend to agree with what Dr. Brownstein says. He makes 2 good points in reference to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It encourages doctors to give patients  65 years and older  two vaccines,  PCV13 and PPSV23, for the prevention of pneumonia.

Yet they don’t prevent or even lessen pneumonia.  And this is not the first person I have heard taking this stand because of what the numbers show.

Dr. Brownstein points out that

  • The number of deaths don’t decrease
  • Aluminum and phenol should not be injected into humans because of health risks

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“Once again the government is pushing worthless vaccines on unsuspecting Americans,” says Dr. David Brownstein, holistic doctor and author of the newsletter “Dr. Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health.”

According to JAMA, there were more than 31,600 cases of pneumonia in the United States in 2012, and 3,300 related deaths. Most of the infections were in children or adults 65 years of age or older. PPSV23 has been given to seniors since 1983. “I’ve checked records for pneumonia rates in the United States published by the Centers for Disease Control,” Dr. Brownstein tells Newsmax Health. “If the pneumonia vaccines work, deaths from the disease should be dropping, but I can’t see where there has been any decline in deaths from pneumonia.

“In addition, a 2013 meta-analysis found there is no consistent evidence that the PPSV23 vaccine is associated with reduced rates of all-cause pneumonia or all-cause mortality.”

He concludes by saying:

“I find it incredible that the FDA recommends a vaccine that fails 99.9 percent of those who receive it,” says Dr. Brownstein. “And that’s not even taking into consideration that the vaccine contains aluminum and phenol, which have never been shown to be safe when injected into the human body. In fact, aluminum and phenol should never be injected into any living being…”




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